My Christmas Poem

It is funny, as a toddler, you could not put my cousin (seen in video) and myself in the same house without both of us screaming bloody murder. We hated each other with a passion. It was so bad, our mothers would have to schedule their visits to our grandmother’s house separately so we wouldn’t be there at the same time too often.

At a point, we just stopped hating each other and got along wonderfully. This particular Christmas our mothers decided we would do a Christmas Poem and song together. It went about as well as a Christmas pageant at church would go with the nursery kids. I cannot quite say why I am copying absolutely everything she did, but I certainly didn’t miss a motion she was doing. In the end, I don’t think it was the grand show our mothers were picturing, but, it did create a great video memory for me to look back on, and laugh.

Shawn and Cindy Christmas Poem


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