We Fail All the Sports!

We had a project to do for Computer Class (or Media Arts, or whatever it was called) at Kingswood University, five video clips of five seconds each. It was a very basic class, and Alex and I were both always looking to get a laugh. We were looking for a laugh mainly because we are 12 year old children, and don’t know any better. We both did separate projects, but decided we would do the exact same video as each other. It worked out even better than expected, because when Alex hit the tether ball, the rope broke which meant I could end my video differently. This struck us as a funny punchline and went with it.

We got some laughs, but I don’t think anyone found it nearly as funny as we did. Oh well, we both received an A on the project, so, we were happy. I hope you enjoy watching this at least half as much as we enjoyed making it.

Shawn Failing at Pool


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