Choose Your Words Wisely

Originally Posted on my Other Blog, but it is more fitting here

Lately I have noticed our society is becoming very free and fast with certain words. I am honestly very bothered by this, and feel the need to say something about it.

– If you say something is like “Hitler,” or the “Nazis,” you are almost definitely wrong.
– When you equate something with “rape,” you are also wrong, don’t believe me, make your comparison to someone who has been raped and see what their opinion on the matter is.
– The only thing which is “Genocide,” is the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group. Many things are a shame, horrible, and horrendous, but are not genocide by any stretch of the imagination.

When these words are misused, then you are belittling the people who have actually had to suffer through these situations. Choose your words wisely, and appropriately.


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