Little Reminders


Anyone who knows me would easily be able to tell you the thing I love doing most is travelling. I love being able to go and see the world, to adventure, and explore. I love learning about new places, people, and cultures. I could write pages about how much the experience of travel means to me.


One thing I have always enjoyed when I am going away is the assortment of cards from the kids I work/volunteer with make me. I have gotten them from children in my home town, as well as from abroad. I just received one on Sunday from a couple of children, and it got me feeling a little nostalgic, so I pulled out my shoebox of odds and ends, and decided to upload some old and new photos of some of the cards I have received.

Cards from Kids-page-1Cards from Kids-page-2Cards from Kids-page-3Cards from Kids-page-4Cards from Kids-page-5Cards from Kids-page-6Cards from Kids-page-7Cards from Kids-page-8Cards from Kids-page-9Cards from Kids-page-10Cards from Kids-page-11Cards from Kids-page-12Cards from Kids-page-13Cards from Kids-page-14Cards from Kids-page-15Cards from Kids-page-16



One thought on “Little Reminders

  1. You’re loved – and you’re also a Sharpei, apparently! So sweet! What a good idea to make electronic copies, I haven’t thought about taking photos of those types of things before…

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