Justice for All…

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I am writing an entry on the topic of the justice system without any idea how it can change, but I do know I feel as though it needs to change in order to be just. Everyone deserves the same fair shake at justice as everyone else. It should not depend on any other factor than they are a human being, regardless of their crime or accusal of another.

I suppose this really doesn’t seem to me to be the case. Instead of it being a single system of justice for all, it is a system of the rich dragging their feet, and the poor hoping for the least amount of damage in the end. A judgement against a company to pay damages caused by whatever the product is can be drug out for years with loopholes and other dances. By the time the judgement goes through, it isn’t a matter of the original bill anymore, there is the bill, and the lawyer costs pursuing the case for years, and the interest on the likely loans taken out to pay for these bills.

I suppose the question I am asking, whether it applies to companies versus people, or people versus people (or whatever the setup of vs.), how can we remove financial standing as a benefit/curse for justice. There must be a system in which the bank account of an individual has absolutely no bearing on how long they can make a case last in hopes of the other guy going broke. I know what some people are thinking, “Well, it is the same system for everyone, anyone can drag a court case out indefinitely.” Anyone cannot drag it out indefinitely, because the majority of people cannot afford it. I wish I had a suggestion, inkling, or something else to offer a solution. My justice should be identical to the justice for a homeless person, a multibillionaire, or a corporation. There is nothing just about needing to afford an equal standing in a courtroom.

Justice for all, not for a sum.


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