Prairie Oyster Soup?

A Chinese friend took me out to eat the other day, and we got a soup with the meal. In the soup were two small eggs.

Her: “Have you ever eaten this before?” *referencing the eggs*
Me: “No, I have never tried this kind of egg before. What kind are they?”
Her: “They are penis eggs.”
*I am confused. This is either a wrong word, or it is like prairie oysters… I am hoping for wrong word.*
Her: “Oh, wait, I mean it is pigeon eggs.”
Me: “Ok, I’ll try one.” *tasted like mini chicken eggs*

When I thought they might be a mini version of prairie oysters (bull testicles), I was torn. By the way they were being referenced, I could tell they were the toy in the cereal box so to speak, but I didn’t want to try them. Funny how we are like this with food. There are some items which are the line.

Earlier in my time here I went to eat a large Chinese meal. I was sampling everything which was brought by on the lazy susan in the middle of the table. A plate of meat came by I didn’t recognize, so I asked what it was. The woman beside me responded with, “It’s duck.” I grabbed a piece, and it definitely was not duck. It wasn’t bad, but definitely not fowl. I asked her holding up a second piece in my chopsticks, “What did you say this was?” She said again, “It’s dog.” I couldn’t say for certain, but I believe the original “duck” was my mistake. I wasn’t bothered when I was told I ate dog, but had she said it was, “shredded dog testicles,” I probably would have had a problem with it.

This is a pointless tale about pigeon eggs, and prairie oysters. I suppose there isn’t a moral to the story, or really a point.



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