My Stupid Fund

Every once in a while I get the urge to do something stupid. Not stupid like, “You’re gonna lose an eye,” stupid, it is more a feeling of, “I can’t rationalize this, even though I would super love to do/buy this.” I am not talking about thousands of dollars for a single thing, much smaller amounts. Then I let the more smarter side of myself take over, and I talk myself out of it.

I got thinking. All I need is a stupid budget. I am going to start socking away a set amount of money every month, and then when something comes up, I can just say, “Well, it is affordable with my stupid budget. Ok, I’ll do it.” My basic rules for new stuff still apply to anything I buy with it. If I already have one of them, I will have to sell/give away my old one. I am only allowed so many toys at one time. Next month will be my first deposit into my stupid fund. Now, I just need to make a set of rules for how/when I can use the money.


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