Travel is not Politics

There isn’t a country in the world I wouldn’t travel to right now. There are cities and regions I would surely avoid, but there isn’t a country I would avoid right now. This confuses most people, and often solicits a list of countries, “Well you wouldn’t go to X, Y, or Z… right?” The answer I always give, “Of course I would.”

Here’s the thing, and I am sure I am not the only person who feels this way, I don’t have to like a country’s politics to want to see their natural wonders. Likewise, I don’t have to care for their politics in order to meet the people there. I want to see the world. I want to see the little wonders, human achievements, cliffs, hills, mountains, valleys, deserts (and desserts). I want to see how people live, and be challenged by ideals which are not my own.

I have been to Europe (and will go back to finish the map there), but I need more than just European tours. I don’t want to stick with the norm for holidays, I want to spice it up a bit. I want to go off the beaten path, and enjoy the sites most people will only see in photos, if they even see the photos. By the time I die, I want to have been to every country.

So, I guess this was a long way to say a short thought, I don’t care about the politics of a country, I will still gladly travel anywhere.


2 thoughts on “Travel is not Politics

  1. Do you have a map of everywhere you’ve travelled? I’ve been to over 20 countries but most are in Europe so it hasn’t been that “adventureous”.

    There are still a million places I want to see but I don’t feel the need to visit every country (or contienent. I doubt I’m every making it to Antarctica since I basically hate winter). Yours is a nice sentiment, but I wonder if you would feel differently if you were a woman (esp. travelling alone) rather than a man. For example there is approx. zero chance that I’m going to travel to Saudi Arabia in the near future…

    Speaking of travelling (sort of), are you still geocaching? Since I live in a border town, and my mom lives in a border town on a different continent, I’m thinking that one of these trips I can grab caches in 4 different countries in the same day (Germany, Switzerland, Canada & USA). It requires a bit of logistical effort since I would need to a) get up early enough to find 2 caches before the flight, and b) remember to actually cache upon arriving when I’m all tired and happy to see the family.

    • I have started trying out some “Where I’ve been” apps for the coloured in map, but I haven’t found anything I specifically like yet. I have been to 24 countries, and I am hoping to have it to 30 by the end of next year.

      I cannot speak for how I would feel as a woman. If any part of my personality were alive, I would definitely be an out of the box, do what I want, when I want type of thinker. If I were to picture my personality as a woman, I would probably still go to Saudi. I might have to force a male relative to go with me, but I am feeling as if I would go. Keeping in mind my, “I do what I want,” would hold allowances for dressing as needed for the time there (Burka+). There is something in me with the need to go and see all there is to go and see. I am sure my destinations within certain countries would be adjusted as a woman travelling alone, I am quite sure I would still do it. I have met women who are like this before, so I don’t feel like I am making a leap to think I could be one of them were my gender different (but personality the same).

      As far as Antarctica, I would go in a heartbeat. I love the winter. If I could have chosen a happy ending for Frozen, it would have been the eternal winter. My body was built for surviving wintertime.

      Geocaching, yes. I didn’t take the opportunity in the Middle East, due to scheduling with family time. I should have done a midnight trek to get one. I am thinking of hiding a couple/few in my town as there are none to be found here. I have never hidden one before. You would almost be better flying into the USA to get the geocache, get your mom to pick you up, and then get the last one at home.

      Some days I feel like you are the only person who reads my blog. I appreciate your comments. 🙂

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