If I Were a Time Traveller…

I am an idiot. Now, this isn’t some sort of woe is me, pour your attention into me because I am down on myself. Let me clarify. I function very well within the time frame I find myself. I can operate most any device you put in front of me (within reason). If I can’t figure it out right away, I can plunk away at it, and eventually I will be able to make it work(ish). My functionality is not what makes me an idiot.

If I were ever flung into the past, without being given a chance to pack a few gadgets, I wouldn’t have a clue. I would be a madman, full of fantastic stories of seemingly magical things, and not be able to back my claims whatsoever. I would talk about electric lights, “There are lights which are bright without fire or coal, they just are bright because of electricity, blah, blah, blah.” Then there would be one guy who would yell, “What the ‘ell is electricity?” (I am assuming I have ended up in Britain for this time trip). I would stutter, and stammer, “Ummm, it is like the lightening, except it is able to be controlled… ” and after a long answer of rambling, I would realize, I don’t have a sweet clue how anything I use works. I wouldn’t be able to reproduce any of it. I wouldn’t be able to make a basic engine, basic electricity, basic anything. My only prayer for being the most brilliant person alive would be maybe end up before the wheel was a thing. I can work out basic things like that.

Bottom line, I hope if I become a Time Traveller somehow, I will find myself in the future. One of those bright and shiny futures like Star Trek promises, not one of the craptacular ones where we blow the world to smithereens. At least in the future I would have a reason for not knowing how stuff works. Maybe I should learn how a couple things work. A knowledge of basic wheel mechanics won’t really go very far.Pulleys. I suppose I could invent the pulley, or a lever. Ok, so really what I have discovered during my writing of this is I can understand the basic mechanics of a neighbourhood playground. Strange to think these things exist because they were once leaps in technology.


One thought on “If I Were a Time Traveller…

  1. “…I can understand the basic mechanics of a neighbourhood playground.” Perfect. Pretty sure you’re basically set for badassism. Yes, I’m aware that isn’t a word but its creation fits nicely into in the spirit of your message about inventing (I know that that claim is a little deviant from the essence of your post but I’m claiming so to lamely try and justify my use of ‘badassism’. Fret not, I understood the sentiment you expressed in your post.).

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