No Sit?

Today was the end of my summer vacation, which I plan on posting about sometime in the near future, cause nothing better than a summer vacation post in mid September. I am lazy some days :/.

Ok, so, today was the end of summer, or more accurately, the first day of classes. In the grade 1 class we were learning “stand,” and, “sit.” Stand worked swimmingly. In class 3, everyone sounded great with pronunciation, and shy of the 2 boys who were scared to death of the long haired, bearded foreigner, they were all giggling up a storm enjoying standing up 400,000 times while shouting, “Stand!” Then, we moved on to, “Sit.”

Oh, what a word it is. Now, the command to sit down, “Sit.” They all sat down, saying in unison, “Shit.” Crap, ok, lets work on pronouncing it. It always amazes me when everyone goes with the same¬†mispronunciation. Kitchen, and chicken are another two I frequently hear turned around en masse. I listened to a choir of 6 year olds shouting, “Stand, Shit, Stand, Shit…” Eventually there was a small improvement in the way they were saying it, but I am quite sure next Monday we will need to work on it again.




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