Access Facebook in China (YouTube, WordPress, Instagram)

When you travel, there are plenty of things to think about.

“How much stuff should I bring?”
“Will I really need X, Y, or Z?”
“Will there be toilet paper at the hostel/destination. Should I bring some?”

One thing you may not have thought of, internet access. Not specifically the ability to get online, rather the ability to access the websites you like to go to. There are plenty of countries without access to, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, 9gag, and so forth. The internet is full of forbidden websites, so tough luck.

Thing is, it isn’t really tough luck anymore. The simple fix to access forbidden websites is: Get a VPN.

What’s a VPN?
Not to bore with the details I don’t know. Basically, it is a secure way to go online. Your computer connects to the VPN server (simple download, you don’t need to know more than clicking a drop down menu, and picking the city you want). Once you are connected, bingo. The VPN makes your computer appear to be in whatever city you choose, and you can surf to any website.

Once you are signed in, the internet is wide open for you to explore. I am writing this blog on WordPress in China.Wordpress is forbidden.

VPNs don’t only have benefits when you are travelling, but they also have benefits for while you are at home. When you use this service, it will encrypt the information you send. So, when you are signed on at a coffee shop, nobody will be able to access what you are doing (like stealing financial information, or login info).

Oh, and you can access Netflix when you are travelling. Not just Netflix from your own country, but Netflix from every country with the service. The library is different in every country, so you will find some titles you can’t get at home.

There are a tonne of VPN sites out there. Some are great, and some of them are painful (I have heard). Some will limit how much data they can process for you, while others will tell you the sky is the limit. I use WiTopia. It is reliable, limitless, and have 50(ish) cities to connect to around the world. It is $40 for 6 months, and a year is $70.

Below is a link to WiTopia. It is a reference code from my account, so when you sign up through this link, the cost will be $59.50(15% discount). Full disclosure, I will also receive $10.50 towards my future service with them. It is cheaper for you this way, and beneficial to me.

If you don’t want the discount, but would rather go directly to the website. It is:

It will work on iPhones, iPad, Macs, PCs, Android phones, and a bunch of other stuff too. 


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