Trees for Wifi


I have seen this picture in one form or another posted on Facebook umpteen times now. It is a simple thought, but there is a hint of truth in the statement.

It did get me thinking though. If internet companies started offering incentives for planting trees, then there would be plenty of trees planted. If an internet company offered $5 off a monthly bill for planting 2 trees, there would be quite a few people who would do it. They could arrange planting sites around cities for people without yards of their own. If the major companies around the world did this, then maybe millions of trees would be planted overnight. Each year, to get the continued $5 off your monthly bill, you must plant another 2 trees. There are kinks to work out, but overall, I think it would work.

If a cell phone company wanted on board, all they would have to do is offer an extra 1GB of free data for 2 trees planted (and an extra 200 daytime minutes for non-smartphone users).


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