Internet Neutrality

Net Neutrality is a very hot topic south of the border, and has been in Canada as well. Bell says their position on it is, “It should be determined by the market, and not by regulation.” It is regulation which keeps the internet providers from becoming a dill weed farm, and all agreeing to go with non-neutral policies. If everyone is doing it, where are you going to turn then?
South of the border, Ted Cruz has dropped the buzzword, “Obamacare,” into a tweet about it, and is receiving the wrath of Republicans, and Democrats alike in response.
Neutrality is a good thing, because it keeps information freely flowing. If it were to go away, then possibly welcome back to the old dial up speeds (or slower) for websites without the resources to pay. I could also see the price tag go up for services we pay for in order for them to pay the internet companies to not force them into the slow lane.
Rant complete.

Here is a link to the Oatmeal, where he has a very good description of Net Neutrality. 



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