The Ever Changing Cookies


My chocolate chip cookie recipe almost seems like a living thing at times. Might sound weird, but it seems true at times.

They have a different personality every time they are made. When I make them, and my mother makes them, in the same kitchen, with the same ingredients, the final products are very different from each other.

At sea level in Moncton, they are chewy, and almost the perfect cookie.

When I bake them in the mountains, they are crispy, and my least favourite version of them.

On the west coast with the higher humidity (or whatever it is) they need more flour, and they are a little, not right.

Here in China, they turned into more of a cloud cookie. They are good, but they aren’t as good as they turn out in Moncton.

This is the only recipe I have which changes depending on the location. I can never make the same cookie in 2 regions.


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