Beijing Brew Pub

This past Friday there was a sports day, or something at school. I didn’t have classes because of it, so Bella, and I decided to go to Beijing for a whirlwind trip. We bought two second class tickets for the train, and off we went.

This was our first trip together, and we were about to find out how well we travel as a pair. No suspense needed, the answer is we travel great together. We got to see some pretty cool stuff while we were in the city. One thing I really appreciated (actually a couple), was how nobody stared at me there. Actually, we appreciated how nobody felt the need to stare at us, as a couple, there too. We were just two normal people strutting our stuff down the streets.
One of the plans for this trip was to eat at some Western restaurants, because KFC doesn’t count for me anymore. Before you get yourself in a tizzy, I live in China, and we like to treat ourselves to western food when we get to a big city. We can get Chinese food at home. I looked online, and found the names of a couple good looking joints. The one at the top of my list, Great Leap Brewing (Pub).
I like all kinds of food. I like ethnic food, and hearty food. Even the stuff I don’t care for, I will still eat if it would be rude to not. My favourite kind of food in the entire world, pub food. I like the greasy pub food, the snacks, the burgers, the fries, the mashed potatoes, the meats, and most anything else. I remembered when I had it for the first time in 10 months just how much I love it. I love the dark atmosphere, and the chaotic energy going around, everyone talking, laughing, and having a good time.
Walking down the street looking for the pub, I saw the front of the building, and even though the sign wasn’t lit up, I could tell at a glance, this was the brew pub. sure enough, when we got close enough to see the black letters on the dark signboard, it was the place.
DSC06033    IMG_3982
We went inside, grabbed a table, and ordered more food than 3 people needed for the two of us. Bella got a chicken burger, and onion rings.
Turns out Bella loves onion rings, because she stole two of mine, and I had to be persuasive to get them back returned from her’s when her meal came.
I got a double bacon cheeseburger with onion rings. We got a side order of fries, and some chicken snacks too. Bella’s exact words after we left, “Shawn, I have seen you eat many kinds of foods when we go out. I have never seen you love a meal as much as this one.”
IMG_7524IMG_9797IMG_7389  IMG_1977
After we ate, I decided I wanted to try a dessert. The choices in the menu were apple pie, and cake of the day. We called the waiter over, and asked him what the cake of the day was. I swear, when Bella was asking him, all I was thinking was, “Be carrot cake. Be carrot cake. Be carrot cake. Be carrot cake.” I had a one in 5,000 shot it would be carrot cake based on the number of kinds of cakes available. Bella had a strange look on her face as she was about to translate the waiter’s answer. I could feel it, she thinks it is a weird choice, carrot cake will be the next words out of her mouth. “Shawn,” she said hesitantly, as thought she was unsure of the translation being correct, “it is… carrots in the cake?” The waiter may have thought I was about to do something crazy with how quickly I responded, “Yes, yes, yes, yes. I want that.” I realized I had become very much the French side of my family, and was gesturing wildly with my hands to show how excited I was about the carrot cake. When it came it was beautiful. Moist, delicious, and cream cheese frosting. It made a perfect meal, even more perfecter.
After the meal we went for a walk in the cool evening air to help settle the food down in our overfilled bellies. Bella has agreed to going to a pub every time we go to a big city travelling, she really enjoyed it too.

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