Snapshot of Beijing



Shawn and Bella near Metro


Just got off the metro and we are walking to the Back Lakes

A piggy back ride by the Back Lakes

Down by the Back Lakes for a walk, and a piggy back ride. Actually, she jumped up on the ledge to walk, then she attacked me by jumping on me. She won. 🙂

Piggy back ride down by the Back Lakes

She is on there good and tight

Posing by the frozen lake

The lake is frozen, but we are warm

Pub Blurry

It might be a little blurry, but this is at the Great Leap Brew Pub

Xiu Xiu with Mao

Xiu Xiu is posing with Mao

Sun in the eyes


Stupid sun was sitting in the wrong place for our picture

Posing with the sun in our eyes

Sun was still in the wrong place. We couldn’t move the building, so we suffered the brightness

Tiananmen square

Eventually we found the entrance to Tiananmen Square

Xiu Xiu Tiananmen Square

TaDa, we made it!

Burger and Pulled Pork


Lunch at The Big Smoke Gastropub. A pulled pork sandwich with Mac&Cheese for me, and a bacon cheeseburger with mashed potatoes for Xiu Xiu.

Burger as big as her head

The meal is as big as her head, and then some. 🙂


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