April Fools’ Destruction

The absolute worst day in the world to share any earth shattering news is April 1.

Doctors: “We cured every disease.”
People: *Slightly Amused* “Haha”

Ed McMahon: “You won the $10 million American Family Publishers Sweepstakes!”
People: *Slightly Annoyed* “Get off my steps Ed.”

News Broadcast: “There are several Godzilla type monsters destroying the city, evacuate if you still can!”
People: “What a stupid April Fools Joke.”
News: “Seriously, deaths are in the millions already as these Godzillas are destroying everything in sight.”
People: “Ok, the joke has gone on more than long enough.”
*Everyone was crushed by the monster attack*

My theory is this. Someday, maybe next year, maybe in a thousand years, a catastrophe will fall on April 1. Nobody will believe the stories are true, until it is too late… April Fools’ Day will bring about our downfall.

🎶🎶Dun dun dun🎶🎶



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