Unwanted Touching in the Parking Lot

Living in another country brings about its share of challenges, miscommunications, gaffes, questions, blunders, and strange (for the foreigner) situations. Sometimes you just laugh, sometimes you want to cry, get gruff, yell, throw things, or just enjoy the ride. Here is one of my strange moments in China.

Not too long ago I was driving home from school, and some guy followed me; he followed me for the last 1/2 km of the drive. I noticed him taking the same turns as I was, but I assumed coincidence. I parked my bike outside the apartment, and just as I was about to go inside I heard someone yell to me. It was the guy.

He came over, and I assumed it was going to be for a photo, or try to ask me where I was from, or one of the regular reasons people talk to me here. It was not any of the regular reasons. He came over, said something loudly, then grabbed my arm started “massaging” it. Massaging like he was trying to cast the devil out of my bones. I pulled away, but this guy who looked like a local Danny DeVito just latched on to continue massaging.

I was finally able to crowbar my arm free from the guy. He started talking to me. I am really unsure what he said beyond this point, but his gestures showed he wanted to continue the massage assault. I can assume he was saying, “Look how good your arm feels now (it didn’t), a full massage session, and all your bones can feel like they are broken.”

I said no, and went back into my apartment. I even used the second lock on the door for the first time since getting here. Thankfully I have not seen Captain Almost Assault again.


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