Stuff From Today

Just a few random sights from today.

I decided to go to Avengers II: Age of Ultron today. The sign in the cinema still entertains me, because it is very necessary to curb the behaviour here. The sign is, “No Spitting.” If I ever own a business in China, I will definitely have one of these signs too. 

After taking Bella home, I was treated to a rare sight. Driving down the middle of the two east bound lanes of the road was a forklift. This was not just any forklift though, it was a forklift being operated by someone who had been drinking heavily. He was down the middle of the lanes, then into oncoming traffic, then the shoulder, and points in between. This definitely will earn a place on the list of overly dangerous things I have seen. 
Then, I was given another treat (😐). When I stopped at the corner, there was an 8/9 year old girl parked on her bike. She had a giant cigar in her mouth, just puffing away. Her smile reached from ear, to ear. 
Say goodnight Gracie 


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