Fighting, and Heartbreak

Yesterday was an emotional day at school for some of the students. Here are a couple stories from yesterday. 


My first class yesterday was a grade 5 class. I walked in to see one of the girls just sobbing at her desk while the rest of the kids were running around madly. Usually one of the kids crying was because another student hit them with a chair, or garbage can, or fist. 3 of her friends came running over to me, “Shawn, she is crying!” I asked, “Why? What happened? Is she hurt?” The girls made a heart with their hands, and said, “Her heart is hurt [They held up their hands to show heart because they didn’t know the word]. She told a boy she [hearts] him, but he didn’t care.” 

It is a normal part of growing up, having crushes, getting your heart broken, but it still sucks. She spent the class with her eyes tested up most of it. My ❤️ broke for her. 😢🐼

Fights in the Boy’s Room

There was a happening with the grade 6 boys that was less heartbreaking than it was funny. 

A mother came to talk to one of the grade 6 teachers; she came to complain her son was being bullied. The teacher asked her what had happened, and she said, “My son’s chest had bruises on it yesterday, he told me one of the boys did it to him in the bathroom.” Apparently, he received the most angry purple nurple ever given. 

The teacher had a conversation with both boys to find out what had happened. The answer will amuse you. Boy A had given Boy B a purple nurple, it was true, then they told the teacher why. Boy A said, “We were in the bathroom, and we were looking at each other’s penises. Then Boy B started to make fun of me, ‘Hahahahaha! Yours is so big! Hahahahaha!'” Boy B took the conversation’s reins now, “Yah, then he got really mad, and he shouted, ‘Well, your chest is big!’ He grabbed my chest, and twisted as hard as he could.” It seems he gave Boy B the purplest of nurples ever to be nurpled. 

The mother started shaking her head [paraphrased], “Both boys are idiots, never mind.” 



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