Good News Everyone!

IMG_8721Hello everyone! We are sorry to interrupt your day, we think it’ll be worth it in the end though. Then you can go about your day, yelling at other drivers, and what not.

             IMG_8266 IMG_8550This is a story about a couple of loons who met in China.

DSC06060A girl who batted her eyelashes just right…IMG_8410… and the guy who waltzed into her life.

IMG_8147This guy made her very happy, because they were a perfect match.

IMG_8563The same was true about her. She made him very happy, she was worth melting for. She was even worth putting the quote in which ended in a preposition even though it bugged him to no end.

IMG_8110DSC06162They both loved to travel, and see new places

They also shared a love of junk food! [Embarrassing eating photos not found of him, so I won’t share this one of her…
… capturing the moment she first discovered how wonderful onion rings are.]

DSC00833He soon realized she was sweet, kind, gentle, generous, loving, and everything else he had ever been looking to find.

She soon realized a bunch of great stuff about him which would probably sound like bragging if he were to write it about himself here. Let’s just say, she figured out he was awesome.

A year after they started dating, they knew it was time to step through the door into the next room of their life together (I don’t like metaphorific stuff about doors, but I like the door picture, so just go with it).

So, at the risk of being told to take a long walk off a short pier, he decided to ask a big question.
He said to her, “Look, I know sometimes I can drive you crazy, but there is nobody else I would rather drive crazy for the rest of my life…

… So, if you follow what I’m saying, I would like you to come this way with me, so we could be husband, and wife. I’ll be the husband, you can be the wife.”


She looked deep into his eyes, and said without hesitation…


“I’d love for us to be a pair.”

IMG_8252So, this long, rambling, tale has been simply a roundabout way to say this, in October we’re getting married! None of you are morons though, so you probably figured it out by the first couple of lines of this overly long post.


Then they rode off into the sunset on his electric scooter, because he doesn’t have a driver’s licence/car in China yet.



16 thoughts on “Good News Everyone!

  1. Wooooowwwwwww!!!! Congratulations Shawn!! I’m sooo happy for you. Was starting to wonder if you would ever settle down. I hope to meet this lucky girl someday. 😉

  2. This whole thing is awesome, particularly the part about getting married, but I gotta say… I *especially* enjoyed the very last line.

  3. Good morning Shawn, or whatever time of day it is where you are. Congratulations to both of you. You deserve the best and according to these pictures/descriptions, she is IT! Sending wishes for many blessed and wonderful years together. In Christ’s Love, Renee-Ann <

    • Good evening Renee-Ann! Thank you very much from both of us! We are very happy to be together, and well wishes are always welcome! I hope life is going great in Canada for you!

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