Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo…


 We had a great day at the zoo in Songkhla, Thailand. I met up with some of my cousins, and we hung out for a while.   
  Then I got into a fight with a rhino, and won. It was a hot, muggy day, and out of nowhere a rhino appeared. Armed only with my wits, I decided a new weapon was required. So acting quickly I grabbed a stick, and defeated the great beast.

Then, as I was feeding the elephants, the took more from me than I wanted to give. 


I was then reminded how ugly emus are. Oh, they are ugly. 

  Here we are waiting for the “Survival in the Wilderness” show. The animals were cool, but everything was in Thai, so we have no new understanding of these animals. 

I went for a walk with the gibbons. 

Then we hung out for a while too. 

We almost were eaten by a lion along the way.

After the zoo we went to The Secret Garden in Songkhla. 

  Garlic bread

Beef burger  
Chicken burger…  
Which was as big as her head.   

And some red velvet cake to finish

We then started the two hour trip back to our hotel. The real fun began here, because both our phones (GPS) were dead (1% on mine). This mean I got to look at the map 3 times (then turn off the phone) to navigate the 10-20 turns on the way back to the hotel. We made it back with only 1 missed turn (which we figured out after 30 seconds). Driving the back roads of Thailand without a map is an adventure and a half. 


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