Snakes, Caves, and Road Tripping

Today, there was plenty of driving to be had. There are two schools of thought for this. To me, the driving was a wonderful part of the day. Now, the opposing side (Xiu Xiu) would prefer less time spent in the car. We agreed to a middle ground in the future, every two hours there will be a leg stretching break. 

Last night I was googling things to do today, and we decided a cave would be the way to go. The Khao Wang Thong Cave was our destination. The roads there were mostly great. After a couple arguments with Google over directions/location

Google, there is no slight left, it is straight, or turn left. Apparently slight left means go straight. Stupid Google Maps…

Now, I haven’t told Xiu Xiu about this, because she is absolutely terrified of snakes. When we were on the back roads to the cave, there was a 6-8 foot snake wanting itself on the road. If you ask what kind, I would say, “A big snake.” It was peacefully on the right side of the road, I was calmly driving on the left side of the road. Then, as I was passing it, all hell broke loose in its world. It struck at the car tire as we were passing. I heard a large thump…

Which I dismissed to Xiu Xiu as being just “something on the road”…

Then in the side mirror, I saw it go end over end as it recovered from its losing attack. I have never seen a snake so big in the wild. I hate the thought of a snake so big being in the wilds of the same country as me. I hope I don’t meet on without a car around me. 


After we won our fight with Google Maps, and wounded the pride of a giant snake, we arrived at the caves. It was worth the drive. No cost, but donations are happily accepted. There is a tour guide who will take you through the cave, and show you the different formations. Don’t touch, cause it ruins the thousand+ year old formations. Apparently if you go in Nov. – Jan. there are waterfalls inside. 


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