Tesco Made My Day A Little Worse

I had a moment of annoyance in Tesco yesterday. Not overly proud of it. We had been waiting in line to pay for a few minutes already. There were 2 people left in front, and 1 woman left after us. 

The cashier told the woman in front of us to put up the lane blocker, she would be the last customer. The woman was confused as to why the cashier wouldn’t tell the current end of the line she was last, however she complied. The barrier hit my cart as it went up. 

The cashier had yet to even look at us, or the Thai woman behind us. She ignored my inside voice declaration, “Seriously…” I just wanted the cashier to look, shrug her shoulders, and offer an apology for the abrupt cutoff to the line. The two women in front of me were still staring at the cashier confused as to why she would cut us off midline. Acknowledgement from the cashier remained undelivered. 

I decided to go to another line, for a brief moment I was just going to wait in the line, pay, and go. This was, of course, an insignificant interaction in my day. Then I remembered there was a supermarket on the drive home. We could stop and get what we wanted there, save a flavour of pop I wanted. I let go of the cart where it was, and we exited stage left. No dramatics, no fury, just drop the cart, walk away. 

Patience was put on the back burner a little bit tonight. Should I have kept my cool? Probably. Did I keep me cool, not entirely. Maybe I needed a Snickers.


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