“Donation” Day with the Police

The cops were out in full force today in my town. It is the biweekly (sometimes monthly) street cleanup. They drive up, and down the streets grabbing all the stuff people are selling on the sidewalks. 
The people aren’t allowed to set up shop on the sidewalks, they just do it anyways. They do their best to make a getaway when the cops are coming, but they don’t always make it, especially some of the older people. 

The police truck rolls down the street while 3, or 4 cops walk along on both sides grabbing bags full of watermelons, and knick knacks, trinkets, toys, and veggies. Once they grab them, they toss them into the back of the truck. 

Now for the shakedown. The people have lost their stuff, this is already done. This is why they just bring an acceptable amount of stuff to be lost (cost of doing business). Some people are selling cooked food, and those people have equipment for cooking. After the cops grab their food, and toss it into the back of the truck, they offer a deal. The deal is simple, pay us a “donation,” and we’ll leave your equipment in one piece. No donation, we will smash the living crap out of it on the sidewalk. 

Some people have the money to pay the donation, some people don’t, and you get to see them go Conan the Librarian on people’s equipment. If they pay the donation, then they will leave your equipment alone. 

Should be another show first part of October.


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