More Zombies!

I was watching iZombie with Bella. We finished episode 13, and she said, “One more, one more! Another one!” While she was saying this I was getting pushed off the couch to go get it playing.
Me: “There are no more.”

Her: “What do you mean?!?”

Me: “Season 1 is only 13 episodes.”

Her: “Why would you do this to me?!?!?!” 

Me: “I told you on episode 12 there were only a couple left.”

Her: “I didn’t believe you.”

Me: “It starts again in October!”

Her: “You want me to wait a whole month without zombies? How could you!”


Her: “Shawn, you know I love you?”

Me: “Yes, and I love you too!”

Her: “Good, right now I hate you! You gave me this show, and now it is done! I want more zombies!”

Me: “I love you too.” ❤️


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