Wedding Registry

Greetings all! We are very happy you will be joining us for our wedding reception in Moncton, NB on July 16! We look forward to sharing this celebration with you all!

As most of you know, we live in China. In China (at least in our neck of the woods) there are no wedding registry options. Due to the cost of shipping items from Canada to China, we have opted out of the registry in Canada. What we are doing instead is a registry for items to be purchased when we return to China.











We cannot buy a kitchen pantry cabinet like this here, but we can get one made.
It will cost $120 to have it built.

We are also in need of some dishes for the kitchen. We decided we didn’t like the look of the dishes on the internet because we couldn’t feel the weight, and quality. We will be shopping for these in the city, because there is a very limited selection in our  small town. We will be shopping for these

The other option is a gift towards our trip to Canada for Bella (Xiu Xiu) to meet the family. We are visiting the East Cost for the months of July, and August.


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