If You Don’t Like It, Get Out!

If you were born in Canada, or you immigrated to Canada, remember, if you don’t like it, get out! Get out, and petition for the change you seek. You have a right, to have a say in how the country is run. That is what democracy is about. You may be successful, you may not be, either way, you are welcome to have a voice. You are welcome in Canada.

If you don’t like the change someone else is proposing, get outGet out, and have your say against it. This too is your right.


It Was a Long Week

I am not dead. I say this, because I felt I should start with a positive statement on this entry. Now, to the venting. I can easily say, this has not been the best week I have ever had. I guess part of the problem is, the couple of dogs who have taken up residence below my apartment window. They appear to be half owl, because they sleep during the day, and at night they like to make their noises. Is it wrong I think, “I hope someone eats them soon.”

In Fengxian, one of the more popular dishes is dog meat.

Each week I have 25 classes, children from grade 1, to grade 6. I like 24, of the 25 classes. They may get a little rowdy sometimes, and have moments of, “ugh,” but as a whole, they are good. I tell them to be quiet, and they will stop talking for quiet a while. Then there is the 25th class. It might be worth pointing out, I have no authority in the classroom as far as discipline goes.
– I will not hit the children like their teacher does.
– If I were someone who would hit the children, I am not allowed anyway. Only their regular teacher can.
– Stand in the hall/against the wall doesn’t yield any results, because the worst of the bunch don’t care.
– I am not allowed to assign homework, I am just there to practice spoken English.
So, yesterday (Thursday) was a particularly rough day with them, and I had it up to my eye teeth. I told them to be quiet, and one boy said, “Why should we listen to you, you don’t hit us, so we don’t need to listen.” Sparing you the rest of my nightmare, we went to talk to their regular teacher. I have now met the first person I dislike here. I have met people I am indifferent towards, not hot, not cold, just whatever, but I actively don’t like this woman. The translator did the talking, so I got the conversation after the fact, but the gist,

Teacher: “They aren’t bad when I am there, you are terrible teachers.”
Translator: “We have 25 classes, and 24 of them aren’t a problem. If it were us, then we would have a problem with almost all the classes.”
Teacher: “I don’t care about this. Go and talk to the headmaster, because you don’t have the authority to cancel the class. He deals with your company”
Translator: “Ok.”
Teacher: *Thought the mention of talking to the headmaster would scare her off*
Translator: “We won’t hit the kids, but we won’t put up with a class who doesn’t want to learn. If you don’t care, we will discuss the state of your students’ behaviour with the headmaster. You should teach them to behave in class without the fear of being slapped in the head.”

I was pleased with what she said to the teacher. The short version above doesn’t quite capture the condescension she had towards the two of us, but we were both quite irked (mildly put).

Anyways, this is really more of a vent than anything. I have a good life, and I cannot complain. I just had a less than stellar week, and if I were smart, I would focus on the good stuff. Therefore, I will end with a list of the good stuff from this week.

– Great girlfriend (Cheesy? Maybe. True? Yes)
– Found Lays Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips for a snack
– 24 good to great classes
– Lots of hugs from the kids
– Still loving my electric bike (scooter?)
– I made flour tortillas, which tasted perfect (the tortillas led to having some Mexican-esque food)
– Went to the movies to see Hercules, which ended up being halfway decent
– Had some great dumplings after the film
– Plenty of good coffee at the coffeeshop I go to
– Pretty much everything else in my life. 🙂

Venting complete, moving on