New Year’s Visit

The holidays have come, and are now going. This was my first year celebrating the Chinese New Year since coming to China, or ever for that matter. The first year I was here, I was travelling, and didn’t do anything … Continue reading

April Fools’ Destruction

The absolute worst day in the world to share any earth shattering news is April 1.

Doctors: “We cured every disease.”
People: *Slightly Amused* “Haha”

Ed McMahon: “You won the $10 million American Family Publishers Sweepstakes!”
People: *Slightly Annoyed* “Get off my steps Ed.”

News Broadcast: “There are several Godzilla type monsters destroying the city, evacuate if you still can!”
People: “What a stupid April Fools Joke.”
News: “Seriously, deaths are in the millions already as these Godzillas are destroying everything in sight.”
People: “Ok, the joke has gone on more than long enough.”
*Everyone was crushed by the monster attack*

My theory is this. Someday, maybe next year, maybe in a thousand years, a catastrophe will fall on April 1. Nobody will believe the stories are true, until it is too late… April Fools’ Day will bring about our downfall.

🎶🎶Dun dun dun🎶🎶


No Foreign Foods, No Import Prices

My town in China is relatively small. Now, keep in mind it is small by Chinese standards, because there are 1,000,000 people here. Even though there are more people than almost every city in Canada, the 1,000,000 people here has … Continue reading

My Stupid Fund

Every once in a while I get the urge to do something stupid. Not stupid like, “You’re gonna lose an eye,” stupid, it is more a feeling of, “I can’t rationalize this, even though I would super love to do/buy this.” I am not talking about thousands of dollars for a single thing, much smaller amounts. Then I let the more smarter side of myself take over, and I talk myself out of it.

I got thinking. All I need is a stupid budget. I am going to start socking away a set amount of money every month, and then when something comes up, I can just say, “Well, it is affordable with my stupid budget. Ok, I’ll do it.” My basic rules for new stuff still apply to anything I buy with it. If I already have one of them, I will have to sell/give away my old one. I am only allowed so many toys at one time. Next month will be my first deposit into my stupid fund. Now, I just need to make a set of rules for how/when I can use the money.