If You Don’t Like It, Get Out!

If you were born in Canada, or you immigrated to Canada, remember, if you don’t like it, get out! Get out, and petition for the change you seek. You have a right, to have a say in how the country is run. That is what democracy is about. You may be successful, you may not be, either way, you are welcome to have a voice. You are welcome in Canada.

If you don’t like the change someone else is proposing, get outGet out, and have your say against it. This too is your right.


Canada, Reach Out in Love to Refugees

So much hate towards refugees online lately.
“Government’s giving refugees too much money, rawr rawr rawr.”
CBC (and others) debunked this rumour about big money for refugees, showing it to be at best a foolish mistake (at worst a purposeful lie).
“Rawr, rawr, rawr, CBC is kissing the Liberal Party’s brains out, defending, other foolishness. I didn’t see them defending Stephen Harper when he did the thing he was accused of doing.”
Here’s the thing, nobody who is correcting the (very) wrong math on what refugees receive (for their first year) in Canada to protect the government. They are trying to curtail the hatefulness being thrown in the direction of the refugees (and there is plenty of it being thrown). Refugees who are screened, rescreened, referred, and then scrutinized further to be able to come to Canada.
Canada is not a Christian country. It is not Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist, Zoroastrian, Judaic, or any other religion. It is free for all religions. Canada is not a whites only country, and it is not a country where the shade of one’s skin should denote the trustworthiness of an individual. It is a country where everyone has equal worth as a human being.
Most of the rhetoric floating around can be sourced back to the idea, “Make me comfortable, or get out.” If you are uncomfortable with the idea of “those foreigners” becoming residents, and eventually Canadian citizens, tough luck. That’s how Canada works. Thankfully popular opinion doesn’t (shouldn’t) dictate how Canada treats people who are different than those in the popular opinion camp. What a hell hole Canada would be if we let the loudest decide how we treat the world’s most vulnerable.
Embrace our new neighbours. Welcome them to Canada. Show them love, warmth, kindness, friendship, caring, and all the other things Canada has in abundance. Bring them (halal if they are muslim) food, help with clothes. Offer help with child care, think of other needs to fill, bring them into the community, and let them know they are a welcome part of it.
Canada, don’t become a nation of bigots who pepper spray our guests (whether literal, or with your online rhetoric). Be everything the hell of war they escaped is not. Be the very best of Canada.